Cohen Construction Inc.

We are the premiere Central Florida general contractor offering a variety of services that can tend to your renovation needs on both commercial and residential projects. We have an experienced and dedicated team ready to assist you throughout every step of the construction process. When looking for the best general contractor in Central Florida, don’t hesitate to reach out to Cohen Construction when you’re ready to take an idea from conception to completion. You can contact our construction experts or use the link below to learn more.

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Norma Jennings

Resident, Lake Mary, FL

"I called Cohen Construction as soon as my refrigerator started leaking everywhere and ruined my floors and now they're better than ever!"

Benjamin Horne

Owner, Longwood, FL

"When my toilet bowl flooded there was water everywhere and I was panicking like crazy. Cohen Construction quickly helped resolve this issue."

Shelly Johnson

Resident, Winter Park, FL

"Cohen Construction fixed my drainage issues in a timely fashion. Thanks guys!"

Dale Cooper

VP, Orlando, FL

“I've never felt more reassured when it comes to a paint job than when I hire Cohen Construction to handle my walls.”

Our skilled team of General Contractors have 65+ years of experience, check out some of our work.